graphic cards for 430w power supply

i have a 430w power supply (
i am wondering what is the best graphic card it can support? or can it support 9800gt?
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  1. Hmmm..... interesting question. Personally I would recommend a psu in the 500 to 550 watt range.

    You can go to the ThermalTake web site and and use their power supply calculator:

    Just fill in the blanks with info about your pc system and the 9800GT then see what's recommended.
  2. I have 8800gt and q6600@3.4 ghz, 3 fans, tv tuner alot of usb stuff, all running on 430 watt psu.

    You'll be fine.
  3. It'll be reet.
  4. It would be more a choice of budget for the GPU, rather then the power supply. I'd have no problem running a 9800GT on it. Depending on the system even a HD4850 would be workable. Other choices more conservative would be a 9600GT or a HD4830.
  5. i ran a 4850 with a 430 antec with no problems
  6. it will run fine. im running 2 gtx260 and 9600gso all on a 500w.
  7. thanx for the replies :) now i m not sure if i want to ge a 8800gt, 9600gt or 9800gt. what would be the price and performance diff? ah and there are xfx 9600gt and xfx9600gt zalman fans, what would be the diff betweeen these 2? thanx
  8. your psu has 18 amps on the 12V rail, thats 216W.
    according to this site:
    8800gt uses max 78W,
    9600gt uses 61W,
    9800gt uses 116W.

    So depending on the rest of the system (CPU, number of HDDs, fans even), I really wouldn't get the 9800gt cause that might be a bit too much for the PSU. 9600gt would be better as it'll leave more breathing room for the power supply.
  9. Kari, so 8800GT still alright on the system?

    i m running a AMD athlon 64 x2 3800+ 2Ghz, Abit KN9 Ultra board( , 3GB of ram 666Mhz (2x 1gb, 2x 512), 7200RPM 250GB HDD, Logitech g15 Keyboard n Razer Lachesis mouse. Casing has 1 fan only.
  10. the X2 3800+ has thermal design power of 89W, but looks like it'll only draw 65W tops:

    add something like 10-15W for the HDD, couple of watts for the fan and it adds up around 80 watts.

    I'm not 100% sure which voltages the mobo uses for rams and other chipset stuff, but I'm thinking it would be the 3,3 and 5V rails... HDD uses also little from 5V so not all of its is from the 12V rail...

    anyhow, with 8800GT that totals to 160W which should still be fine, your psu is propably few years old so it might have degraded a bit from the initial values. With 9800gt total usage would be close to 200W and imho that's too much for the psu to handle safely...

    You could of course get a new 450-500W PSU, new ones have much stronger 12V rails compared to older PSUs so they can run much more powerfull hardware with the same total wattage rating (this pretty much explains DasKrabbe & all.'s experiences)
  11. what about a sapphire hd3870?
  12. i got a XFX 9600gt zalman fan version. btw, any of u guys know how the fan works? can i control the fan speed?
  13. Is it running too hot or too loud?

    you might check out this article.
  14. haha i just built a rig with that exact psu last night, got my 9600GT running on it :D
  15. not too hot or too loud, just that from riva tuner it shows the fan running at 35%(not sure if its true). n idle temp is 44. when playing games, its 50. just thinking that if i could increase it to like 50% and what would be the diff.
    read from certain forums, that the zalman vf830 fan speed is not adjustable. so just trying my luck here.
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