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I am attempting my first system build and I am running into an issue. I have everything hooked up (as far as I know) and when I power up the system, I get a long continuous beep. According to my motherboard manual, this indicates a video card problem.

I am confident that the video card is seated correctly. I have screwed it in with the bracket screw. But when I boot I get the sound and there is no video input on the monitor.

I have an old PCI card that I plugged into the pci slot. I powered on the machine and there were no beeps. However, there is no video output monitor through the pci slot either.

What should I try next. Is it possible my video card is DOA? I really hope not.

For reference, here is the motherboard and the video card:
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  1. Is your Power supply big enough to run this graphics card?

  2. It is a 500W, Antec TruePower. There is a plug in on the back of the card, with 8 prongs. I found a cord to into the back of it, but no where to put the end of it. Does it need to plug directly into the power supply?

    Thanks for your help.
  3. Please post all of the parts, including PSU and memory.
  4. It needs to be connected to the PSU. I like to have my GPUs as the first device on any of the PSU chords. This ensures the most stable voltage possible, especially on a multi rail PSU.

    If the card is connected to the PSU and you still get this problem, you might just need to reset the CMOS (in your mobo manual. Usually entails moving a jumper back and forth).

    Let us know what happens

  5. I can't find a link to the psu. I have had it for over year. But it is an Antec 500W smart power.

    Here is the memory:
  6. I got everything plugged in. There is no longer the long continuous beep. There is no beep at all. The manual indicates the short beep will sound with a successful boot. The monitor is also not getting a signal.
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