e8400 idle temp

first let me give you my specs

e8400 with thermaltake v1 cpu fan
asus 750i
2gb 800mhz ddr2
500gb hd

my cpu runs about 48c and my mobo runs about 45c. is that hot? im running everything at stock speeds. the temps are according to bios. im interested in oc the cpu but i dont know if it will get too hot. also, whats the best way to oc bios or a software? which software??
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  1. that temp is a little high for a e8400. mine runs about 29c idle and 47c under heavy load overclocked to 3.82. dont overclock through software. always go through BIOS phantom.
  2. any ideas why the temp is so high or how to decrease it?
  3. you might just have bad airflow through the case. or maybe your heatsink isnt properly seated.
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