GFX Issue. Galaxy 8800GT 512 (not the swirly cooler.)

Allright then, Ive had this issue since first day on my gfx card in wow.
It will freeze up for 30+ seconds and then it gives me wow on LSD image.
In wow i was able to just minimize the game and maximize (ran in windowed mode.)
But, in warhammer online open beta (its not betas fault.) this does not work, and it happens ALOT more, if i enter a scenario. it takes about..2-5 minutes. and im **** enough that i need to relog, eventually my char will go black see thru and ill see the basic lines for chars. this is how it looks like when its least fubared.

My system is as followed
Intel Pentium Dual Core e2180 2.0GhZ @ 3ghz Stock voltage, stable after 24h stresstesting, considered that enough
MSI P965 Platinum rev 1.0, With the newest BIOS.
2x1GB OCZ Sli-Ready PC6400 DDRII Ram, CL4 2.1 Voltage.
Galaxy 8800GT 512mb
Corsair VX550W
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB with 32MB cache.
The FSB is at 300.

Im gonna send back the card on monday if i dont manage to resolve it. Problem is, i cant replicate it in anything but Warhammer online or wow(REALLY Random in wow, can take days before it happens, sometimes minutes.) and thus, I doubt the retailer can either, since theyre quite dense here in denmark.
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  1. Just send/take it back like you said. You shouldnt have any problems returning it unless the retailer is ran by assholes and they test the card before allowing you a replacement.
  2. You could try to downclock your CPU it may be runing to high of a clock speed just becuase it works in some games does not mean it will work on allof them at that speed as some prgrams are more prone to crash when Overclock is to high. Also if you are overclocking your video card down clock it as well. reinstall the drivers also maybe.

    On another note I work in a store & if someone was to come in & want to return a card or cpu because the said it was not working we or Myself would test it to make sure if it is working or not. Ig its found to be working then no return of coarse if it is not working off to the company who made to be replaced By THEM.
  3. But it does sound like the memory on the card could be fried.
  4. forgot to mention temps, my cpu NEVER goes above 40 C, no matter what game/stress testing
    GFX card maxes out at 60C (its got a dual slot cooler.)
    This also happend when my CPU ran at stock speed (2ghz)
    And yes, they are -ASSHOLES-
  5. On any case, they do not sell this GFX card anymore, (Funny that they removed it the day after i mailed em about my issues..
    They do not have any dual slot 8800GTS 9800GTs, 8800GTS512 or 9800GTX. Id turn to ATI cards.. but I love digital vibrance
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