Whats the best GPU i can get on a high quality 288 watt PSU?

Hi guys i have a Gateway gt5482e computer. I want to know what is that best GPU i can get on a 288 watt PSU. I was thinking of a 9500 gt or an ati HD4670. Im planning on running some games on my new card such as COD4,farcy 2, and dead space. And please i dont want to upgrade my PSU i just want to know will the cards work on my PSU and whats the best card i can get on my PSU.

My PSU specs

288 watt psu a Bestec-300 12E3

+12v a=18A +12v b=18A
+5v=25A -12v=0.8A
+3.3v=25A -5v s8=2A

I wonder why this PSU has dual 12V rails.

Computer specs

90nm AMD Athalon 64x2 dual core 6000+ 3.0ghz core clock uses 125watts on a full load
Nvidia nforce 480 motherboard with 6150se intergrated graphics
3 gigs of DDR@ ram clocked at 667 mhz on each of the 4 cards (1gig,512mb,1gig,512mb) dual channels
400 gb 7200rpm sata II HDD
DVD+RW super multi drive
4 usb devices mouse,keyboard,etc.
19" 1440X900 res monitor

For the 9500 gt add 50 watts of power. For HD4670 add 65. For a card that you recommend please tell me that power conumption.
Thanks guys.
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  1. The 4670 should be possible. Maybe pull out "etc." when gaming. :)
  2. It'll be fine.
  3. I'd go with the HD4670
  4. How much better is the 4670 then the 9500 gt and what will happen if i play games on a 9500 gt?
  5. Sorry for not offering any suggestions about a GPU (the above suggestions look fine, though!), but what makes you believe that is a high quality PSU? If you had just read the name and specs of that PSU, I suspect I and everyone else would tell you that it's a piece of junk that probably can't put out what it's rated for, at least at a sustained level, for long.
  6. Do you think it might put out enough power for a 9500 gt?
  7. It will, but a much better choice is the HD4670. Performance is much higher, unless your budget can only handle a weaker card, i'd go with any of several 4xxx series ATI cards.
  8. Here's a link for the Thermaltake power supply calculator:


    Fill in the blanks with information about your system plus a video card. Let us know what kind of results you get.
  9. I got 283 watts with everything on max power use and i also added 10 extra watts just to be sure. The 283 wattage use was with the HD4670 i would think that with a 9500gt i would use 260 watts because it uses about 15 watts less then the HD 4670. on a 90% load it came in at 255 watts still had 10 watts added extra to be sure. with the 9500 gt it was 245.
  10. Also there is no budget problom for me i just probably wont get the HD 4670 because it uses more power then a 9500 gt and preforms close to it.
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