Casual gaming system

Hi all, i want to build a budget system for casual gaming but i'm kinda outdated with most of computer parts :na:

1) Should i go intel or amd? (something below $100)
2) Which chipset/motherboard should i get? intel, amd, nvidia? (around $100 or below)
3) Cheap Geforce 8,9 or Ati hd3850/3870? I have a 19'' LCD so i wont run games above 1280*1024
4) 2 GB of memory

I already have:
320GB sata2
APEVIA X-Navigator should i replace the PSU?

Thanks in advance ^^
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  1. Howdy,

    It would help if you told us:

    1.) What your budget is.
    2.) If plan on overclocking.

    As for your questions...

    1.) Intel CPU's overclock better and run faster then comparable AMD CPU's.

    2.) The best budget chipset that includes the all important 2.0 PCI-e slot for intel is the P43/P45 (P45 offers limited Xfire at 8x) chipset. The Nvidia chipsets are more expensive but offer SLI (not as valuable as it once was now that the 4800 series ATI cards are dominating).

    3.) The best buys on budget video cards are the 4850 (around $180) and 8800 GT's (around $100). Plan to spend most of your budget on your video card. For a 19" LCD you wont need more then the 8800 GT to play todays games (with the exception of crysis).

    4.) For budget system 2GB of DDR2 is good, but with DDR2 being so inexpensive.... 4 GB is the cheapest way to improve your computers performance.

    5.) LOL about 1/3 of all the comments on new egg say that their Apevia PSU failed.... I would seriously consider buying a new one and investing at least $120 into a good one. When you consider that the case and PSU are often the only things you can salvage when you rebuild your computer its a good investment to get a solid PSU.
  2. I would spend $500 or even less if possible :lol: ... i just want the cheapest configuration possible but with reliable computer parts. Until now not planing to do any overclocking but i wont mind to do some if possible. Also wont SLI or CF video cards

    Now lets assume that i buy an intel cpu

    and a P43/45 motherboard (really don't know mayor difference between them) ill say P45 cuz it should be better?..

    then i put as you said 4GB (2x2GB) of DDR2

    and a 8800gt (free COD4 :D)

    also add a 400-500W PSU in the price range of $50-60 (i think something above this price shouldn't be necessary for a cheap computer but i could be wrong :pt1cable:)

    Should this work without compatibility issues?
  3. Yes looks good.

    Be careful about PSUs though.
    This one is probably OK:

    If you wanted to be absolutely sure an Antec Earthwatts 500W would be good
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