Hating Crucial Memory now-Anybody know about the new G.Skill Pi Black?

I have been using Crucial Memory for the last 5yrs or so, and while their older stuff was good, I think the current generations are not very good.

I used to have 4x1gb Ballistix ddr2 800. One stick went bad... Go to RMA it and find out Crucial no longer makes the sticks in the same chip configuration... So I RMA all the sticks and get 4 brand new ones. Actually very good customer service, so no complaints there...

Well my system starts randomly rebooting and BSOD's... I narrow it down to one stick.. During that process my wife, who has 2x1gb of Crucial Ballistix in her machine (almost exact specs as mine except no OC) is now getting lock ups, BSOD's and reboots... Now I have to play with her memory

So I purchased on impulse the newish G.Skill Pi Black 2x2gb..I got 8GB for $100....


And I am proud to say that I paid $49.99 for 4gb, not the current $99.99, so I lucked out there!

Anybody know anything about them, good bad or ugly??

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  1. Well there great ive got mine at 1033 with 5 4 4 15 timings an 1.9 v mmm they need heavy juice when you go beyond that 2.1 at least for 1100, nice heat spreaders :pt1cable:
  2. I have 4x2GB of those sticks in a P5Q Deluxe and the system is stable.
  3. I'm sorry you are having problems with the Crucial memory. You should check out the recent article here at Toms:


    Crucial does pretty well there.

    I thought that Micron, Crucial's parent company, made a lot of the chips for other RAM manufacturers.

    Good luck with the new RAM.
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