What HT to get?

Hi guys,

recently my Home Theater broke and I was thinking about getting a new one.

I'm willing to pay US$150 dollars max on this new HT. I'm almost buying the G51..

my uses are: 80% music 20% gaming..

Does anyone knows a better HT on this price?

Thanks, and sorry for my english.
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  1. Welcome to the forums...

    Are you looking for a Home Theater (a receiver/amp, speakers and sub, possibly a dvd player) or just a good set of surround sound speakers such as the logitech G51?
    If you are looking for a good set of speakers for your computer, you probably should list what sound card you have or what outputs your motherboard has.
  2. Hi, im looking just for a good set of surround sound speakers.

    I've a Ga-k8nxp-9 (motherboard), which has a "good" onboard card system.
  3. Can anyone help me?
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