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i am not a computer wizz i do not know much about them at all.
i am having a few strange little problems with my pc and i was wondering if it could be an issue with my drivers.
i have never updated my bios drivers.only drivers that are upto date are my VGA card ones.
could some1 please sugest a update do download and how to install it?
many thanks Gamaer666
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  1. silly me. forgot to post my board specs.
    Asus Striker 2 Formula
  2. I would post your complete system specs, especially the video card and power supply with the 12v amp ratings.
  3. Current bios- Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6. 00PG
    Processor- Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad Q9300
    Memory- 3070 RAM
    DirectX Version- DirectX 10
    Display- Asus EN9800GTX+ x2 SLI
    Current diplay diver- 7.15.0011.8048 180.48
    Operating system- Windows Vista 32bit
    Power supply- Toughpower Thermaltake 850w
    Motherboard- Asus formula STRIKER II

    Hope this helps.
  4. I use the latest drivers off nvidia's website, instead of asus. Anytime you change drivers, download the latest driver to a file such as "my documents".
    Then uninstall your old drivers and power down your system. When you reboot, windows will look for the new drivers and you can use the browse function to direct it to the file in my documents. Some files are compressed, and have to be "unzipped" first.
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