just built a new q6600, 4850, p35 system --- seems laggy please help!!

hello, just built a new system, q6600, p35 board, 4850 card, 550 corsair power supply, 4 gig of ddr2 800 ram.

just got it together, now starting to test it out. first game i install is wolfenstein: enemy territory. an very old game requiring low resources, my old athalon xp tbred b played it fine for years. but the problem is -- it seems VERY laggy during game play.

so basically im wondering what kind of programs should i use to benchmark my new pc? i want to see how fast it is running compared to where it should be at. 3dmark06 is one that I've heard mentioned many times. what are some other good benchmark/cpu test progs?? thanks
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  1. ??? PC2800 Ram, or is it DDR2 800 Ram?

    Might try PC wizard 2007, or performance Test. Can find using google.
  2. may sound stupid just 4give me 4 it ...

    Did u Install the System Drivers provided with the motherboard ?
  3. yes, i installed mb drivers from included cd. like this thing seems to be running slow, granted its stock FSB and v, but i thought the quad would be FAST
  4. Well, I think you probably got in your head thet it would be 4x as fast as a 1 core. WRONG. Without somebenches to prove problems, I'd say its in your head for sure. Mosta Apps arent optimized for quad so the extra cores arent gonna make those apps any faster, especially t stock speed.

    However you should notice a big difference in multitasking like running antivirus scan while doing other things.

    Also the stock enabled speedstep does cause a little lag when it throttles up and down. It goes away if you disable speedstep.
  5. thanks roadrunner, do you have some good benchs that i should run??

    i have prime95 and can get any other programs needed
  6. What OS are you running?
  7. just xp for now, working on getting vista soon.

    would the monitor make any difference ( i know it prolly doesnt)

    my temps are 34, 38, 35, 35 according to coretemp so i dont think its runnign too hot.

    i have not done the fan fix yet for teh 4850, what is a good tool to measure temps of GPU?
  8. ehh, im getting 200+ FPS in COD4, and it looks great.

    but i cant get wolfenstein to play smooth, this is crazy

    3dmark06 results

    3dmark - 11599
    sm2.0 - 4487
    sm3.0 - 5206
    cpu - 3734
  9. Wow do you have a saved wishlist of your rig on newegg I could look at?

    200 fps on Cod4 is super good, check out searching some google and maybe its something like your GPU drivers are not up to date or your card is somehow not compatible o.o...

    I updated my old video cards' drivers and now cod4 is like 25 fps at the lowest settings instead of 30 at all med settings 10x7 So IDK
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