need a new case. What do you think?

I will be putting the hardware i have into a better case. See hardware in my sig.

I usually buy cheap cases from the local PC shop. This last build was my first real midrange gamer. I used the last generic mid tower case i had. It is ok for 1 vid card, 1 HD, a couple of fans, a few cables and the other normal componants.

Now i have a bigger CPU fan, an 800w psu with all kinds of cables, 2x 2 slot 3870s, 2 HDs, 3 fans and a fan cantroller. The heat is still a problem because of the cramped space. I had to mod the side panel to put the 3rd fan in.

I need suggestions on a bigger and cooler case. I have already looked at a couple, but i wont mention them now, so i don't skew the suggestions.

prefer under $150.

no psu

do i need normal mounted HD mounts or side pull out? benefits of which?

do i need a case with the new 200mm or 250mm fans?

full or mid. Mid needs to be real roomy.

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  1. If you live in the states, I'd definately wait for black friday. Fry's always has a case nearly free after rebate; sometimes some good antec brand that are last year's model. Best buy has also had a few closeout recently for around $30-40.
  2. yeah, that is right. I always pick good deals on black friday. I can live with it for now.

    still what brands and models should i look for?
  3. Antec or Coolermaster is a good brand to go for. Thats what I usually go for. There are a few others but these are my first picks...
  4. thermaltake and lian li.
  5. I've got 3 computers, running cases by Chieftec Dragon, Antec 900, and Thermaltake Eureka. I've had the Chieftec Dragon for several years and its a great mid tower, fitting a HD 4870 with ease. An example can be found at With a cost of $75, its a cheap case, yet it does its job well. The only bad part is that it fits 80mm fans instead of the newer 120mm fans.
  6. Antec and Coolermaster each have several good cases. As others have suggested, if you can wait until the day after Thanksgiving which is just a few weeks away you should be able to find some real bargains.
  7. Lian Li.
  8. Coolermaster, Antec , NZXT
  9. thanks guys.
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