Have I fried my motherboard?

I have a Asus A8AE-LE AmberineM model motherboard that came as part of an AMD-equipped Compaq Presario desktop PC.


It's a so-so setup. 160GB HDD, AMD Sempron, unsure of what speed. Definitely not my primary PC but something simple I tinker with since I add nothing fancy to it and keep most components integrated.

I was trying to fire it up again the other day and had my ATX 250W plugged in to boot it up. The 4-pin ATX12V is attached, as well as the main ATX P1 20pin going into the 24pin connector onboard. Given the ATX power supply, I didn't expect it to boot up on a hard plugin, which it didn't. The hard drive would normally turn on, and the component power would flicker on and off just to acknowledge the occurrence of plugging in the power supply. This is without shorting the soft-start pins on the bottom right of the mobo (PWR_ON, etc.). Now the HDD is not turning on when I plug in the power supply, nor does anything happen with the system when I short the pins. Have I fried something in my motherboard?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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  1. Have you turned the system on aside from just plugging it in?
  2. No. I can't soft start the machine. I was just worried since the HDD used to activate and now it doesn't. I can't get the pins to start the motherboard/cpu/components up. When I short the pins (no case, manually shorting, no single pole/single throw momentary switch on a case shell hitting these pins) nothing seems to be happening.
  3. no - unplug everything then try again - hdd dc etc
    it may be the hdd
  4. That's what I was afraid of... blah. Either way, I still can't boot up the system. Doesn't respond to the switching
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