What CPU will be the best upgrade for me?

My current cpu is an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 63w or 65w and im looking into a dual core cpu for my Dimension E521. It has a Dell 0UW457 motherboard in it w/the Nforce 430 chipset. I contacted Dell and they said the largest cpu it would take is a 5600+ but what one would give me the best upgrade there are 2 of this cpu on newegg both the same price. This computer will mainly be used for playing World Of Warcraft. The rest of my system consists of 3.5 gb of ram, 700w power supply, and a ATI HD 4850 video card. I am not getting the performance I think I should and believe that my cpu is to blame. I get like 10 to 18 fps in major cities and can drop down to 20 or less in combat "Give or take a bit". Please Help me decide what's best for my system.

Thank You.


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  1. Get the Brisbane. Its 65nm, so check to make sure that board will support it. Looks like that board uses some kind of wierd propietary cooling also, so that leans even more towards the 65nm Brisbane since you more than likely wont be able to put a stronger cooler on.

    On second thought, those chips are socket AM2. I think your current board is 939.

    I found this http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/82548 under the search. This person is using a 5200+ X2 on the same exact motherboard as you have. So this is a plus in the "it will work" notch. Ill try to dig up some more stuff for you.

    **EDIT** Scratch that above statement, the board is AM2. Youre good to go I believe. Also, the boards chipset is 6150, not nForce 4.
  2. Definetly. You cant go wrong with it at all. Its way better than what you have in every aspect. It should free up that pretty hefty bottleneck you have very well.
  3. Cool, thank you. Hopefully this is what's causing high cpu usage in game.
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