Trying to run the 4870x2 fan fix.. having issues

Hi there..

So I installed Vista64Ultimate last night and put the card and drives in for it. Everything works awesome except that of course the card runs hot.. and thus the fan speed needs to be edited to about 30%

I know there is a program out there that will set it to 50+ but thats to loud and much for me right now.

So I read on the net that I need to create a profile in the Catalyst.. which I did.. then I go to C:\Documents and Settings\Username\App Data\ATI etc...

There is no profile in that folder? Am I missing something? I am supposed to edit a file that is not in the folder :/

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  1. On vista, you use overdrive to unlock the fan speed. enable it in the CCC then save a profile.

    Once done goto

    C:\Users\[Insert Username Here]\AppData\Local\ATI\ACE\Profiles

    The folder "AppData" is hidden so you can just manually enter it into the address bar in explorer

    Open your profile and change the algorithm to Manual and set your speed under "want".
  2. Ok,

    so I played with it.. made a profile.. activated it.. switched Overdrive off and on.. saved.. nothing is appearing in my ACE dir as far as a profile..?
  3. Are you on the latest CCC?

    strange. It should appear as a XML file with the profile name. mine are in the profiles folder. I even use profiles with hot keys to swap from monitor to tv for DVD and movie watching.

  4. So I found my mistake and where the profile is.. (stupid Local dir!)..

    I set the thing to 30 per your link and save... activate and hear no change? I then tried 60% to see if that would.. still nothing.

    Why is this so harD?
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