Intel raid controller will not rebuild


I have an ASUS P5B-E Mobo with an two 3 disk RAID 5 arrays off it.

First array (3x WD 320G Hard Disks) has been running fine since the summer of 2006.

Second array (3x Segate 1G Hard Disks) was added in Summer 2008 and run fine untill this week.

The Intel software reported a failed disk after getting stuck in Defrag.

Made backups of the important stuff (most of the capacity is recorded TV) and then replaced the failed drive with a Hitachi drive I had available.

Went into the BIOS raid peice during boot and the software correctly identified a suitable replacement disk, added to the set and flagged for re-build.

Re-booted and went into rebuild on the first set (my fault for unplugging the wrong drive)

After first set rebuilt it didn't go into rebuild of second set.

Re-booted and during reboot Chkdsk cut in and started deleting a load of stuff on the drive. Had to crash that and re-boot (skipping chkdsk) and it was still marked as degraded and not re-building.

Re-boot again and into BIOS for RAID. Marked the new disk as not part of raid set, then it spotted a new disk was available, added to set and marked for re-build.

booted into OS (windows 2K3 server) skipping chkdsk and it started rebuild - yippee..... but after 5 mins it flagged the set as degraded and was no longer re-buidling. Never got above 0%

repeated several times always having to take the disk out of the set in BIOS and let it re-add to start rebuild in OS - but it never gets beyond 0%

Checking files on the disk quite alot now seem screwed up.

Any suggestions?

I guess I might loose all the stuff - but I need to get the RAID set back some how.

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  1. There's nothing wrong with your second controller? Or are you using the same controller for both arrays?
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