Heatsink Trouble!!PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

i just bought a cooler master hyper 212 plus heatsink for my cpu after reading it supports socket 939(amd).the problem is i can't use it bcoz my asus a8n-e mothebroard has 2 mounting holes instead of the 4 the coolermaster hyper 212 plus requires.
i don't want to overclock my cpu--i want something nice and silent.
can i mount a 92mm fan on my stock heatsink--i have provided pics--there is space for a 92mm fan but the mounting holes on the cpu heatsink are for 80mm fans.
here are the pics-

this is the stock fan made by delta 80mm @ 5200rpm---the bearing in the fan is screwed and is very noisy.

the top view of the heatsink+fan-again notice the free space around the fan

this is another view--notice the free space around the base of the fan.

The Heatsink with a pure copper base without the fan.

please tell me if i can mount a 92mm fan and how?
if not please tell me about any good silent 80mm fan.
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  1. lol? You bought a product without checking compatibility????

    At any rate, you could possibly jerry rig a 120mm depending on your modding skillz.
  2. no the website and all the other sites said it was compatible with the 939 boards--my asus a8n-e is a 939 and it is not compatible with it!!!!!!!!!!!
    am not dumb to buy stuff without checking the compatibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    should sue coolermaster for this!!!!!!!!!!!!
    btw how do i mount the 120 mm fan??
  3. Dude, WTH is wrong with you....

    Your acting like this is a crazy emergency. And stop with all the exclamation points.

    They wernt lying to you.... im sure there is a way to mount it.
  4. Interesting. Frostytech,etc list it as 939 compatible. But Newegg Dorset list it?

    WTH is going on?
  5. Quote:

    btw how do i mount the 120 mm fan??

    Use hot glue, zipties,etc. Again, like I said, depends on your modding skillz.

    For example, I'v mounted a 120mm fan on a OCZ Vanquisher ( see ) which uses a 92mm fan.
  6. Hmmmm...... I just took a look at On the top 5 page it is listed as an Intel cpu heatsink. Then I took a look at their technical review where it is listed as both Intel and AMD compatible. The mounting holes are pre-set for Intel LGA1156 hole spacing.

    According to

    "The heatsink is supplied with a crab-like rear-motherboard metal support bracket that accommodates every variation of CPU socket and a metal 'switch-blade' clip that applies force to the heatsink baseplate. Associated screws and nuts to put it all together, along a small amount of thermal compound round out the accessory list."

    Here is a link to the review with more information:

    NOTE - They were definitely able to mount it on an AMD platform. I used the original HYPER 212 in an AMD platform last year. I didn't have any problems.
  7. the exclamations are because of the fact that i can't use my desktop--the fan isn't working and i need to use vmware and php and a few more resource intensive software like illustrator for some urgent work..
    and i am using my netbook-acer d150.
    i am very grateful to everyone for the help!
    please keep it coming!!
    (my new job is on the line--am on probation for a couple of months!)
  8. Best answer
    hmm, well why dont you just use the stock HSF and use a 120mm fan on it until you can get the right sized fan. just lay your desktop on its side and set the larger fan on top of you stock hsf. That way you can get done any work you need to.
  9. @johny lucky -- the old hyper 212 was compatible with s939 not this new one.

    usually in the am2/am3 boards you have four mounting holes in the motherboard and don't know abt s939 but some boards have have 4 mounting board has just 2 and 4 mounting holes are a must to mount the pins of the heatsink after you've replaced the motherboard's backplate.

    regarding the 120mm fan-have a coolermaster blademaster 120mm - i can't get it to sit on my stock heatsink.
  10. Well, you can use your computer if you just set the hyper 212 on the cpu with some thermal paste. You dont nessacarely need to screw it down.

    Ive dont that before with a core contact freezer.
  11. can you provide links/videos/tutorials on how to do it?
  12. What???

    Just take he hyper 212 out of its package, then put some thermal paste on the cpu then set the case on its side then put the hyper 212 on the cpu....
  13. how do i fasten it?
  14. hey! thanks a lot for everything overshocked!
    am new to all this and must thank everyone else here too!
    finally managed to sell the cm 212 hyper plus at a profit!
    btw what would be better a 80mm to 120mm fan adapter or a 80mm to 92mm fan adapter?
    what would cool better ? displace more air and have silent cooling?
    i've decided to order fan adapters from
  15. 120mm fans are the most efficient in terms of quite and speed.
  16. sunny27 said:
    how do i fasten it?

    It seems like you have figured everything out now.

    But you dont need to fasten it, You can run your computer with the heatsink just sitting on the cpu, and not have it screwed down.
  17. thnx a lot mate!
  18. no prob.
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