Having serious problems with dvd rom!! HELP!!

I have 2 customers that wanted to bring thier pc up to windows 7 from xp. I formatted the hard drives and did a fresh install. After I installed windows 7 I noticed teh slave drive wont read at all. It actually hangs the computer up until I eject the cd. If I hook it up to the master cable its fine. It is 2 roms installed but no matter the drive if its hooked on the secondary channel it wont read. It shows up but wont read. Yes they worked in Xp. Yes the jumpers are correct. Help Please
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  1. You could try new firmware on the drive. Or update computer motherboard BIOS and driver packs.

    I have to say, I question the wisdom of installing a new operating system on a computer if it's working okay with the old one.

    It's not cost effective and it causes problems for lots of people.
  2. How old are these systems? Are they IDE or SATA?

    Some IDE drives had jumpers on them - did you check those?

    If all else fails use one drive....drives are cheap, buy a new one
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