Am i missing anything for my watercooling setup???

I am placing the order Monday night please tell me if i am missing anything!!!





Tubing 10feet--

As for the CPU water block i ran into these as well:
Swiftech Apogee GTZ--

EK-Supreme - Acetal-- <<< LOOOKS LIKE THIS ONE

PS: what is some good coolinent to get ? :hello:
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  1. fittings are the same.

    I'd say go to your local reno-depot or plumber shop and buy your tubing there. I got 10 feet of 1/2 ID 5/8 OD vinyl tubes for 4$CAD. That's 20$ cheaper than "equivalent" tygon or whatever brand tubing (besides the fact that 1/8 thickness is rare to find online apparently).
  2. Your buildout looks fine.

    Make sure you clean the Thermochill rad well before you use it with LOTS of bioling distilled water. If you dont, youll be breaking your loop down in a week to clean the flux from that rad out. Myself, Id just buy a cheaper Swiftech rad, that will cool as well with less cleaning not to mention you dont have to use some non-hetero fitting to get it plumbed up, it uses a g1/4 like the rest of the known world.

    Res looks fine.

    Use the Tygon tubing.

    May want to consider getting the vario version of the D5 as its easier to bleed from what Ive heard.

    Both the GTZ or EK Supreme will work fine for a CPU block. The EK is very restrictive however, so you may want to get the GTZ.

    Use distilled water and a biocide like PT Nuke for coolant.

    You may want to add a fillport with a short section of hose attached to your res to make bleeding and filling system easier.
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