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I'm wondering about the upcoming Core i7 CPU's and the new QPI speed.

According to this article,2041-8.html
the QPI ppp connection can transfer 12,8GB/s in each direction which because the transfer-rate of the CPU is 6.4GT/s (3.2Ghz with two data packages pr clock cycle)

But the Core i7 920 model is listed to have a QPI at 4.8GT/s how is this possible. I thought the first version of the QPI was rated to 6.4GT/s?
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  1. I think it's slower just to separate the CPU models a bit further from each other performance wise. Make that extreme edition to look just a bit more special...
  2. so a lot of assumptions, but no facts. i'm glad to discover that i'm not the only one who's confused.
  3. Your proof is in the first table.

    Amd vs Intel: Intel Core i7 CPU reviewed

  4. Also need to consider that server models will have 3x QPI links. But desktop chips will only have 1x QPI links. The 965XE will have the faster QPI link but it wont do very much for performance unless you are doing a lot of things at the same time.
  5. Yeah, my Q6600 will serve me for a while.
  6. habitat87 said:
    Also, you know what gets to me? If they are using a new platform, why not just give us the higher fsb speeds? Greedy bastards... They want to stretch this out. They know people are going to jump on this.

    "Hey look a whole new platform..." Couple of months later, a revision or upgrade is released... "Oooh, look at that!" Intel, "Gotcha bitch!!!"

    They can't give you higher FSB speeds because the FSB no longer exists...

    The integrated memory controller that is built into the processor replaces the Fsb.
  7. It still has an internal clock speed though, which most people mistook as the FSB
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