What temps are you getting with your Phenom II X4 940?

Hey everybody,
I've been somewhat dissatisfied with my Phenom II X4 940 temps since the very beginning (with the stock HSF, and with a Xigmatek HDT-S1283). With the Xigmatek installed and the 940 at stock clocks and vcore (1.344V, according to CPUZ), my temps aren't bad (ambient 18-19C, idle 36C, Prime95 Blend load 50C, according to HWMonitor). When on the desktop doing basic daily tasks (hitting up these forums, typing papers, checking email, surfing the web, etc.), however, my temps seem to fluctuate too much (between 36 and 41 or 42C) and too fast. When I say that they fluctuate quickly, I mean that I click the Firefox icon, and within one refresh of HWMonitor's temps, my CPU temp jumps four or five degrees and holds there for three seconds, only to settles back down to 38C or so.

When overclocked to 3.6 GHz (with a vcore of 1.434V), things are even worse. It idles around 45C, increases to 50C during the aforementioned daily tasks, and loads at 62C! I know what you're probably thinking: do a fresh application of thermal paste. Well, I have. Eight or nine times, in four different ways. First was the small little glob in the center; then I tried the credit card technique; then a very, very small glob on each of the contacting heat pipes; and finally a very small glob on the pieces of aluminum between each of the heat pipes. No luck. There was some slight variation in temperatures between the different techniques, but never more than one or two degrees. It's not airflow that's the problem, either. I've got my components in a HAF 932, with an extra 120mm on the top of the case, and all my wiring occurring behind the motherboard tray.

Coming from my experience with Wolfdales, I never would have thought that the limiting factor for an overclock would be the temperature. Previously, I have always run into system instability before running into heat issues, so this has been a bit of a disappointing experience for me.

Needless to say, I became disillusioned with overclocking the Phenom II, so I've had it at stock clocks and volts for the past month or so.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Tell me in the poll what load temps you're getting with your Phenom II X4 940. Below, reiterate your temps, and please also include your heatsink and fan setup, and your clock and voltage levels. If you don't have a Phenom II X4 940, you're of course welcome to tell me your stats below, but please don't respond to the poll in order that the results may be as indicative of actual 940 temps as possible. Thanks!
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  1. free bump, out of interest
  2. i put less than 39c shame your table doesn't list negative numbers :D, btw i dont own a x4 940
  3. I have my 940 being cooled by a Coolit Domino ALC. I use a Biostar 790 gx board, OCZ Reaper 1066Mhz, and an HD4850 OC. All housed in an Antec 900.

    I get 34-36C idle, and about 42C load. Mind you that is only with a modest OC of 3.4Ghz and stock voltage, and I haven't tested the 3.4 Ghz with prime95. My cooler is set at medium speed, so it is a little noisy but I like my temps

    I was running it at 3.7 Ghz and would idle 38-40C and 50C for load. I did run Prime torture and could get it a bit above 50C, maybe hitting 52 or 53. I was not comfortable running it that hot, so I backed off for 24/7 use. Mostly because the core temps were higher, hitting just over 60C max load. I don't like the cores getting over 60C.

    I think the Domino was quite comparable to the Thermalright Ultra 120 (non extreme version) I had, but where this cooler has helped is with core temp. I believe the core temps are on average about 5C cooler at the higher overclocks. Ambient overclock temps about the same though.

    I have two 120mm intake fans, A 120 fan in the back for the radiator, and the 250mm big daddy on top. I have a 40mm thermaltake heatsink on my southbridge that keeps my chipset at ambient under all conditions. I have an Antec 650 Blue w/ 120mm fan and a 90mm fan mounted on the Asus HD4850. It works for me, it is a bit noisy but I am totally satisfied with my temps and performance.
  4. thats quiet :P, between my phase unit and the 4870's with the fans turned up its at about 45bd :P not too bad when i get my headphones on tho
  5. Thanks for the replies, everyone.

    To give a little update: Yesterday, I started receiving error messages relayed from the BIOS, telling me that the CPU fan wasn't working correctly. I had investigated the fan situation previously, observing that the fan that comes with the HDT-S1283 is supposed to run at between 800 and 1500 RPM (according to Newegg). With automatic fan control on, the fan on mine tops out at 1200 or so.

    In order to investigate further, I turned off automatic fan control and booted up, and lo and behold, the fan began to whine terribly, varying between 1100 and 1300 RPM. So, I switched it out for a Cooler Master 120 mm that came with an old Centurion 5 case I used to have. I overclocked back to my old settings of 3.4 GHz, 2000 MHz NB, 2000 MHz HT, stock vcore, and things are much better (32-34C idle, 48C load). I am hoping to do even better than that (currently I'm investigating fan options, and hacking together a push-pull on the Xigmatek using zip-ties), but for now I'm mostly satisfied.
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