New system troubles

Hello all, Seems everytime I search out a problem a link or two here pops up so I thought I would register and see if anyone can give me a clue as to whats going on with my new build well rebuild of a pc I put together four years ago.
Windows xp pro
Athlon 64 x2 5400+
Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro
Asus M2N-E mobo
Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 2gigs 2x1g
Evga Geforce 9600gt 512mb
Rosewill RP550 550w psu
Leftover from my previous build used what I could.
Audigy 2 se
WD Raptor 74g Main hd
WD 80g secondary
Nec 16x dvd drive
Asus 52x cd
Silverstone temjin 6 case

Initially I got it together and booted fairly painlessly. Initially noticed high cpu temps and I would get mem test failed while booting and hang on the windows xp loading screen. Installed Call of duty 4 as a test for the new machine and it looked great for about 10 seconds on max settings noticed artifacts before sound started looping and the comp essentially locked up. I realized for one I had mounted my cpu cooler blowing the wrong way the case I have has a windtunnel sitting between two 120mm fans at the base of the case and mounting the mobo upside down means the cpu and ram sit in it didnt think just being backwards should have me getting as hot as it was, when I righted it I cleaned off the little block of paste it shipped with and used arctic silver 5 thermal compound and reset it that left my cpu idling around 25c instead of the high 30's but whatevers going on with the ram is still bothering me.
I do the homework I shouldve done on the M2N-E and learn about its problems with various memory as well as only going as high as 1.95v turns out my corsair is 2.1v but after reseating the cpu cooler and changing it to ddr2 800 in the bios it seemed to be running stable enough im updating steam and decide to try cod4 single player while I wait it goes smooth enough for a second then artifacts again and before I can exit my computer blacks out it hangs on windows loading after the restart to the point I have to restart again once I get into windows Its no longer recognizing my dvd drive.
So im pretty furious I put into newegg for a rma and pull out and repackage the motherboard and the powersupply, Combo deal they have to go back together. But sitting around bored I decide to try a thing or two and put it back together before I return anything. Somewhere I read to attempt putting the ram in the two black slots instead of the yellow on the board so I do that as well as putting my sb audigy 2 se in, Initially I was using the onboard sound after reassembling it and setting everything I had changed in bios back to default boots up fine and seems very stable.
I decide to try doing some updating requiring the restarts I had been avoiding and it seems to be running like I had hoped it would and recognizing the dvd drive again. I play roughly half of cod4 single player 1600x900 res with all graphics maxed out without not as much as a stutter I decide to try teamfortress 2 with a friend whitch id finished downloading while playing cod, That runs fine as well for awhile until I attempt to change up my resolution from 1024x768 it mostly freezes though I still hear sound after a moment my screen blacks out im forced to hold in my power to get out of it, And again hanging on the xp loading screen though I havent seen the memtest fail on boot since I assembled it the second time, Trying to restart tf2 right away there are artifacts all over the screen to the point I cant read anything in the menu I manage to exit it quickly enough to avoid a reboot and now im just plain frustrated, For some reason ive no way to see the temp on my vid card but with speed fan it says around 51c I didnt think that should be hot enough to be a problem. Right before making this post I had managed to play cod4 multiplayer for a hour or so on good settings it was running perfectly until my screen got very dark, My hud and everything but what I was looking at was gone but I could still hear so I was obviously still connected I attempted to tab out to close and my screen goes completely black I cant seem to ctrl alt del close it despite the task manager appearing once then dissapearing and again im forced to hold in the power, Computer restarts hangs at windows....

Anyway sorry for being so long winded I just have no idea what the deal is here and its pretty frustrating. Returning the mobo to newegg was where I was planning on starting just because of all the bad news I've heard on it since I started looking into it. Any other guesses would be greatly appreciated though.
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  1. Did you reformat the HDD and reinstall Windows?
  2. Yeah when I got the new parts, Only the first drive though the second I backed everything up on. Even had to call microsoft for a new key because of installing that copy so many times, Bad omen number one.
  3. Assuming I go ahead with the return which I think I will replacing both the motherboard and powersupply what I was thinking of replacing them with is..
    Asus M3N78

    Thermaltake TR2 RX W0136RU ATX12V Ver2.2 500W Power Supply

    Granted the motherboards layout at least the 24pin Power looks like it might be troublesome with the board sitting upside down like it will be in my case so I'm open to suggestions on what might go well with what I have to work with. And if anyone thinks 500w might be low Its been a few years since I've built.
  4. Get this PSU:

    When you say "artifacts" are you talking about things that look like objects in the game, or noise on the screen?

    If the first, that's usually a sign of video card issues.

    Did you verify that your video card fan was spinning properly?
  5. Well first I would not go with an Asus board, I like DFI for it's stability.
    PSU's are another story, never buy the Newegg Rosewill brand, get a PCPower PSU. They are the gold standard and have become reasonable in price over the last year.
    The video, make sure you have the most current driver.
  6. Well now,,For what it's worth I have the same mobo ,and I had similar problems to yours,I had installed the recommended ram only to have many of the problems that you are having,,so,,I threw it out and installed my Crucial Ballistic 2x1 8500 [not on the QVL,list either??go figure],problems go bye-bye,BTW I am using an OCZ Stealth X Stream 600W PSU..An asus 8800gt...AND the same cooler[64 pro,, love it] as you,with an AMD 5000 BE..Yeah like BOBBKNIGHT says"get rid of the Rosewill" and go with a better "name brand" PcPower,Enermax,OCZ is my current fav,watch out for Antec though,,seen a lot of backfires on those lately,,AND BTW the M2N-E is a not bad little board of course it's no $$ DFI $$ but for over clocking all you need to do is just change the multiplier and leave everything else on auto,,unless of course you go for the EX limit in o'clocking,then of course you are as usual on your own,for instance ,,according to Tom's the 8800gt needs a 2.6ghz cpu to keep it happy,right?,well then i have a 2.6ghz cpu ,which with a little multiplier adjust upwards is now happily running at 2.9ghz ,simple no?,no fuss no muss,anyway enjoy..:>)
    PS,,Excuse the wordyness,only had one cup of coffee.:>)
  7. The artifacts go both ways, But mostly its been text that instantly becomes unreadable mouse cursor replaced with some random texture. Only one time the last I believe that it crashed did I actually see just objects on top of the text and general messed up appearance before a lock up, When ive checked the fan on the card seems to be spinning fine, And everything driver wise is upto date as well as updating the bios on my motherboard hoping it fixed the memory issues, Which it didnt.
  8. One thing I'm trying before I do my return probably Tomorrow is I pulled the Rosewill 550w psu and put the one from my previous build in, A thermaltake purepower 420w old granted but at least windows didnt hang when I launched and a brief bit of gameplay went alright not to mention I'm not noticing this faint melting plastic smell anymore..
  9. Jtrainz said:
    One thing I'm trying before I do my return probably Tomorrow is I pulled the Rosewill 550w psu and put the one from my previous build in, A thermaltake purepower 420w old granted but at least windows didnt hang when I launched and a brief bit of gameplay went alright not to mention I'm not noticing this faint melting plastic smell anymore..

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