HD4850 freezes / black screens

Good day to everyone here!

I just recently built a completely new system to finally replace my old machine (dating back to 2003).
It contains the following:
AMD Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition
Gigabyte GA-790FX-DQ6
2 x 2GByte Mushkin DDR2-1066 5-5-5-15
Club3D HD4850 with Arctic Cooling cooler
Creative Audigy 2ZS
Adaptec 29160N SCSI controller
Thermaltake Toughpower 750W cable management
Maxtor Atlas 10k5 73GB
Western Digital 750GB Green Power
2 x NED DVD-RW 20x
3.5" Floppydisk

I'm using both Windows XP x64 and Ubuntu 8.04 AMD64 with it, both OSes freshly installed.

The problem with this machine is the following:
If I stress my graphics card to the maximum (i.e. playing LotRO or Assassin's Creed at 1920x1200 and maximum settings), the graphics card will crash after two to ten minutes and leave me with a black screen ('No Signal, entering standby') and shortly after (1 - 5 seconds) the clock on the LCD of my G15-Keyboard and any sound output will freeze.
The problem can be recreated within Ubuntu using the Unigine tech demo ('Tropical Island').
Memtest86 and Prime95 do work for more than half an hour constant stress test without making anything crash. Thus it seems that my graphics card does not work correctly.
The graphics card I am trying to get to work right now is the second card of the exact same model, having the exact same error. The old card just had a fan which could not be controlled and just ran at 100% all the time (which according to the support was a clear fault and they said I should bring back the card).

Now: How do I know whether or not the card is the problem or if it's an incompatibility with the mainboard if I cannot try out any hardware in another PC (except of my PSU, I've tried both the new and an old one... same fault)? Should not the HD4850 work like a charm on a 790FX based mainboard?

Greetings 3-R4Z0R
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  1. Hi !

    What about news from this problem now ?

    Because I have exactly the same, and I search for 2 weeks now without finding anything...

    I tried the following :

    - Replacing my PSU Fortron BlueStorm 500W by Corsair TX 750W
    - Tried with 1,2 or 3 RAM connected. (Successfull MemTest for 6 hours)
    - Flashing my motherboard BIOS to latest
    - Disconnect all material except CPU/PSU/GPU/RAM
    - Reinstalling Windows on other drive.
    - Try the graphic card on another computer -> OK, all work fine
    - Catalyst 8.7/8.8/8.9 and hotfix
    - Fan fix and PowerPlay fix by modifying your_profile.xml

    And nothing works...

    The ultimate test I use is "Video Card Stability Test" (http://freestone-group.com/video-card-stability-test.htm), and it makes my PC crashes in 1 second... "No signal, entering standby"...

    Some games like Crysis makes the same crash during a loading of a savegame...

    My config :

    - MSI P965 Platinum
    - PSU Corsair TX 750W
    - Sapphire HD4850 512Mo Dual Slot Fansink
    - 3 Go Corsair PC6400 @800Mhz
    - CPU Core2Duo E6300 @ 1.86 Ghz

    So anybody else to solve the problem ?

    I'm thinking about changing my MotherBoard but, I'm not very glad to buy some new materials if it doesn't solve the problem...
  2. Frankly, my new graphics card started working about one week after that I got it as a replacement. Since then I haven't had any of those freezes (even after more than an hour of LotRO) and I'm still wondering what the fault was. Maybe some setting in the BIOS, maybe not. Seems as if I got lucky at last.
    I wish you luck with your system.

    Greetings 3-R4Z0R
  3. I am having almost similar issues with my HD4850. I am getting black screens or vertical bars at a number of games, especially on DMC4 DX10. I also changed my PSU in thinking it was the issue, but problem remains.

    For one week, I was not getting the error at all, after flashing the card's BIOS with a newer version (11.004) on the net. But since yesterday, it is back for good. Now, after I get the issue, computer fails to find the card on restart! I get 2 beeps. Only way to boot, is to remove power cable and then it is OK.

    I have:
    Asus P5Q v.1046 BIOS
    Intel Core 2 Q9450
    Corsair VX450W PSU
    Corsair 2x2GB Memory
    Vista x64
    SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS with new OPAMPs
  4. Update from me: My HD4850 has now after a few weeks begun again with those freezes. I'm switching that card for a HD4870 which a friend has been very happy with and because I'm fed up with two failing HD4850s.

    Greetings 3-R4Z0R
  5. rutman, have you solved the problem?
  6. i had some similar issue aswell with my 4770 in hungs it crash and after that the more it happen it slows down.and i don't whatthe cause it now i had it for a replacement but hoping the damn technician believe what i said it having problem
  7. I had similar problem (check this thread http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/267350-33-help-radeon-4850-card#t1964811)...Both AMD as well as Gigabyte support personals suggested me to go for RMA...they said it could be something with the card itself. Then I reinstalled windows XP and now blank screen problem...so I have sent it for RMA. I would highly recommend to contact AMD support.
  8. wow and i thought my rig had the problems i guess we all had it thanks guys i hope we solved although the card is good only if it wasnt that way cause it would so much of a waste of money damn
  9. Yeah, I've got a GT725 with a mobile 4850, and haven recently started having atikmdaghas stopped working problems(Vista 32b), but usually after a minute or so it'll re-start and continue on. Seems to happen with only 3 games Drakensang, UFO: Aftershock(buggy anyways), and RARELY with Mount & Blade(vanilla).

    No problems running furmark and other "heavy" GPU benches though for 20-30m. Temps don't seem to be the problem, no should power as I'm not running anything overclocked when that problem appears, so I'm suspecting a recent Vista "update" is triggering the referenced TDR problem in other similar threads. (System memory also passes multiple memtest+ v2.11 runs, so it doesn't seem to be system memory either.)

    Using mobility modder to install catalyst 9.7 (had the shipped 8.12 before) seems to have helped a little along with breaking down and installing SP2(Vista). So in the end my guess is no hw problem but a combo of weird engine programming(all 3 games are by small low-budget studios - drakensang seems to bang on the GPU VERY hard for not being a very advanced engine at least by given GPU temps), ATI drivers(always a questionable component, but better than their X.org drivers(sigh)), and Vista.
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