How to turn off laptop hard disk manually

i wonder if there is any software, which will which will turn off the hard disk and if the computer tries to access it, show msg whether to turn on or not to access the hard disk. This, i think, will significantly increase backup time of laptop battery.
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  1. Have a look in the Power Saving Options in the laptop's BIOS screens there may be a setting which comes close.

    Otherwise, I'd imagine there's a freeware utility that does it manually -- just be sure it does it in an orderly manner and doesn't corrupt programs that are running (and there's a lot going on in Windows even when it appears idle).
  2. you can power down into Hibernation mode. then with a tap of a space bar it will power up back into your aps you were useing . right click on desktop, properties, i think its in the screen saver tab, then Power Options. go in there and you should be able to play around with what your computer does when you want it to go down.
  3. fihart: tks a lot, i was actually in search of that kind of software but unsuccessful yet. there is no such option in BIOS, it has just the option of running processor in dynamic freq. range to save power.

    steadfast1984: actually, with hibernation and screen saver, we cant 'use' the computer. what i mean was to use the computer with hard disk off (of course for things not requiring hard disk file access, and somehow manage for things the operating system tries to access hard disk). tkx
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