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I have a Gateway GM5472 desktop with front composite A/V inputs that I can't seem to utilize. My mini jacks work, but I would like to use my composites. G/W tech suggest I 'may need digital recording software', but composites are analog, so they know nothing. Realtek console doesn't show them. I don't know if they connect to videocard are what.
Please help.
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  1. what are you trying to capture?
  2. I'm trying to mix and record some of my own tracks through my guitar sound effects processor. It has midi, but just for control sequencing, not recording. I have a usb-midi cable interface for controlling my pedalboard, and want to use the sound processor's line level out to my computer's composite in to record my tracks as I play. Eventually, I'd like to upgrade to something with a S/P DIF optical input, as my effects processor has a optical out. If there are sound cards with that. Or I'll have to get a new interface with a D/A converter. I'm really not up to date on computer hardware anymore, and just learning home recording. I'm currently using N-Track Studio software.
  3. I just searched a review, and they are capture jacks, so if you go into windows movie maker, you should be able to capture video. You could also use Sony Vegas, or Adobe Premiere.
  4. or virtualdub, or audacity.

    You should look into audacity.
  5. Hmm, maybe I won't be able to use them for my purposes. Thanks xNEM3S1Sx. I did just find some info in win. help referring to capturing devices. I'll still play around with it to see if I can use them. Thx again.
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