need bios for asus p4sgx-mx

i need new bios for my mb and i want to oc it.
and i never updated it before .
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  1. So why don't you go to the product page on ASUS website and download the latest BIOS?
  2. oh thanks i was using asus update it shows nothing.
  3. The lastest BOS ASUS lists is version 1006.002 which is from 12/1003. If you have used ASUS update in recent years, you probably have the latest BIOS. A BIOS update is not going to change the amount of voltage available to your CPU. A new MB with new voltage regulators would do that.
  4. oh damn can't get it stable more 3000(24*125)
  5. I know nothing specific about your MB, but have you increase the voltage to your RAM and Northbridege if those adjustments are available. If so, do so with caution in small ncrements and test for stability. Use caution when 'pumping' voltage to your hardware.
  6. yeah i know i must careful about about it. i got e8400 on 4ghz with vcore on 1.275 but with this celeron there is nothing about voltage but showing them
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