Building a PC for the first time - how does it look?

Im building my very first PC. This is meant to be a budget PC that still has enough power to run everything smoothly.
Im not going to overclock it or do anything fancy.

Here are the components:
CPU --- Intel E5200 2.50GHz 2MB 800MHz
Mainboard --- ASUS P5KPL SE
RAM --- 4GB Corsair DDR2/667 Valueselect
HDD --- 320GB Hitachi HDP725032GLA360
Graphics --- ASUS EAH3450/HTP/512M
PSU --- Corsair CX400W
OS --- 64-bit Windows Vista

What do you think? I tried to pick components that have the best quality compared to price.
I don't know much about PSUs, hows the Corsair CX400W? It is enough power to run this system, right?
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  1. edit: the mainboard is ASUS P5KPL/1600
  2. Should be ok. The PSU is fine for that setup if you don't OC. If I were you, I'd go for a 450 or 500, at least it give me some headroom for future use, or incase u wish to OC.

    Btw, what do you mean run everything smoothly? If you mean FPS games... I don't think that specs wont cut it for some games especially for Crysis.
  3. Oh, no games, just enough power to run Vista, office programs and other general apps smoothly.
    It is not actually a PC for me, but for a family that needs a new one since their current PC is like 5 years old. They want a cheap PC with still enough power to run programs smoothly. Their budget is 500 euros, and that's the best I could come up with that amount of money :)
  4. Any more comments?

    I would like to get more opionions about the PSU choice.
    Also, are there any incompatible parts or bottlenecks? For example the memory DDR2/667 is fine for 800MHz FSB CPU? Mainboard is 1333MHz.
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