Repairing worm-infected had drive

I have a notebook computer which has a work-infected hard drive (Windows XP). The system will boot, but then won't allow me to do certain things, like restore to an earlier date or start Task Manager. I have files on the drive that aren't backed up elsewhere, so don't want to just reformat the drive.

Is there a way I can create a bootable CD which can then scan the infected drive to remove malicious software?
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  1. Avira Rescue CD or something like that is what you need. Makes a bootable disc and then can scan and remove infections.

    Did you try starting in safe mode?
  2. I did try starting in safe mode--same problems.

    I downloaded the Avira Rescue CD, scanned with what downloaded (virus definition 2 weeks old) and it didn't find any problems. Tried to download the update, but that failed (three attempts).

    Any other suggestions?
  3. You could try a Knoppix (Linux) boot CD but I would definitaly not boot from the infected hard drive until all data was safe.
    So, start your computer with the boot CD, rescue all important files and then reformat/reinstall Windows.
  4. I couldn't find anything that would remove the worm. Finally had to reformat the drive and reload the operating system.
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