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I am having problems with a slow sluggish computer with what is obviously a hidden process as the normal task manager shows the system idle process as at 99% and the CPU usage is at 100%. I believe that I might have some sort of virus but am unable to find it with any programs I have tried. the programs I have used are PCTools Av, SpybotSD, RootkitRevealer, and Advanced Task Manager.
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  1. I was having the same issue - slow computer. I read a thread about "System Idle Process at 99". Someone had mentioned to look at file hdaudbus.sys. I took a chance and found this file in C:\Windows\system32\drivers. I renamed the file hdaudbus.s_s. My computer immediately started reacting faster. I'm not good at computer fixes, but this seemed to work with no side effects. I do not use this laptop for anything the needs this file (I think).
  2. When the system is not doing anything (no active programs running), "System Idle Process" running at 99% is a good thing. Windows is sitting there spinning its wheels waiting for something to do.

    Renaming the hdaudbus.sys can go un-noticed... until you try to play a high bitrate audio file or a multi-channel DVD. The sound just won't sound so good and may pop, click or be fuzzy.
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