Best fansink cooler 120 -130mm in height.

I'm just curious, i want to know what the best heatsink is bellow the hieght of 130mm but not lower than 120mm. Currently i have a Zalman 9500nt, i'm not upgrading but i'm interested in comparing my current cooler with others around the same height. The 9500nt isn't particularly large in depth, but then it's a more averaged out cooler in the way that it's depth isn't leaning too much out to one side of the motherboard, ie. the arctic cooler 64 pro.
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  1. I think the best would be core contact freezer 92mm but i can be wrong
  2. is there a table with the 10 best cpu coolers round this height. I wonder if the zalman 9500nt is still any good for its height range? That cooler you told me looks quite good.
  3. Here is a link to a very good web side with useful information and reviews of low profile cpu heatsinks:
  4. This is the newest of the newest:
    supports all platforms
    No I dont sell those, but YOU could.....
  5. lol hat heatsink is not under 135mm in height. That's not mid size.
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