Question about DRAM and Dynamic Core Voltage

There are so many different terms for all these voltages, I just want to make sure I'm not damaging my CPU. I have a core i7 920 overclocked to 3.2 GHz with these settings:

Uncore/QPI Voltage set to 1.3 V in BIOS
DRAM voltage set to 1.62, 1600 MHz (10 x 160 BCLK), 8-8-8-24

When I run CPU-Z, it says my core voltage is 1.020. Is this the same as Uncore voltage? In this case, is my uncore at 1.020 while my DRAM is at 1.62???!!! Please advise.

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  1. your core voltage is 1.020,

    your uncore voltage is 1.3,

    your dram voltage is 1.62,

    if you know what the max for these are you should know they are all ok also reread the core i7 stickie for more info and help on the subject
  2. So as long as DRAM - UNCORE is less than .5, I'm fine even if core voltage dips to 1.02 at idle?
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    core voltage is totally separate to uncore and dram :P, and yes its very important you keep within 0.5v
  4. Okay, thanks for your help. It seems so obvious just looking at the terms now. I'm not really sure why I freaked out when I saw 1.020 Core voltage. I think I'm gonna go ahead and push my DRAM to 1.66 with Uncore of 1.25 to see if I can get these OCZ platinums at the spec'd timings of 7-7-7-24.

  5. depending on temps personally id rather put the 920 under a good phase unit and bump it upto 4.5-5ghz :D, im not really a mem person i never see the benefits :P
  6. richardscott said:
    also reread the core i7 stickie for more info and help on the subject

    Where would you find this stuck to here

    its the first thread on the overclocking page
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