what type of cable for extending a media card reader

I've bought a system from Dell (a Vostro 200 SL) that has a media card reader in the 3.5" bay. The reader is connected with a single cable as shown in these pictures:

I want to move the card reader and place it in a desk 1.5 meters away. So, I want to know what cable this is? It connects to a header on the mobo which appears to be a ASUS board. The card reader has no other slot other than for this cable.

Is it limited in length? Can I purchase a longer one on the 'net? If not, is there (say) a USB adaptor for it?

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  1. Here are the images of the cable and how the connector looks, inline:

  2. Maybe if you unplugged it and try again, but I suspect it's some proprietary Dell part.

    Just get something like this instead:
  3. No no you misunderstand. I have the media card reader already installed. It works fine. I just want to remove it from the box and attach it to a desk about 2 meters away but the existing cable is too short.

    I'm just not sure what the cable is and was wondering if any of the pros here recognise it? Is it a custom ASUS thing or some generic type and where can I find the specifications for it to know whether it will work over 2 meters?

  4. Sorry I was just tired and my answer was too short.

    I can't tell what that is from your picture. You should unplug it and take another picture so we can see what it actually looks like. Take a picture of the empty socket and the end of the plug. Stay farther away from it so that whatever camera you are using can focus better.

    I suspect it is a proprietary plug and you would be better served just buying an inexpensive external USB card reader.
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