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I recently installed 2 brand new 500G caviar harddrives. the RAID0 is configured, everything is good. except for when i go to load win7. i get this message "setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition " i have double checked everything. no clue what to do. any of you have ideas? i have been looking and people say that all you have to do is change the boot priority. but the only options under the boot priority are these 2 drives. which are already number 1 by default any suggestions?
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  1. Specs please...

    1. What Mobo do you have? Which brand of BIOS?

    2. On the main BIOS screen where you manually set the Date/Time, does it show your two HDD's or not? What does it show for drives?

    3. Also on the main screen is there an IDE configuration screen? What settings did you configure for that (presuming it's there)?

    4. In the Boot Priority Screen and the Hard Disk screen, it should show your RAID array LABEL..., not the two drives.

    I'll check back in a while.
  2. There are different types of raid controllers, some of which will require a raid driver when installing Windows (because the hardware isn't able to fully mask the raid array as one drive) and then you have the newer ones that don't require any additional drivers.

    My old Asus board, as mikey said, shows two drives in bios... that one required drivers... my brand new asus board has a setting for raid in bios so it knows once the array is set that it will initiate the array on boot.

    If your POSITIVE your array is set properly but windows isn't seeing it, it is because you need drivers... check your motherboard manual or website for info on obtaining them.
  3. Dont go for RAID0 better go for RAID1 or higher. RAID0 is highly unreliable.
  4. I have been running multiple RAID 0 arrays since this technology first came out. Not one loss ever. Having said that, I always keep backups of stuff I cannot afford to lose...

    The technology is very reliable
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