Best match for 8600GTS

I wander what would be the best graphic cardfor my pc.

I have a AMD 5600+ X2 CPU
M2n32-Sli Deluxe wireless edition (with 590 chipset)
2 800MHz Mushkin ram
A 8600GTS with 512 Mb for Evga.

I might OC the RAM to 900Mhz.

What card would be the best boost?
I'm thinking about a 8800GTS or is it bette to go in the 9000 serie ?
How important is it that the clock speeds match?
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  1. An 8800gts 512 is a pretty good card. How much are you willing to spend?
  2. Depending how much you want to spend...

    9600gso can be had $65 after rebate. Gets very close to 8800gt speeds once overclocked. Twice as fast as your 8600gts at stock speeds.

    8800gt $110-120 range Probably the best card in it's price range with 85% performance of 4850 or 9800gtx. 2.5x faster than your 8600gts.

    4850 or 9800gtx $160-$180. I would go with 4850 just because it has much power shader and better with AA. 3x faster than your 8600gts.
  3. 9600gt can also be had for about 100. But it's 15-20% less performance than the 8800gt, should still stomp the 8600gts though.
  4. Hi Balanovich,
    Welcome to the forums,
    Are you looking to add another card in SLI ? or do you mean as a replacement ? I beleive if you are planning to SLI that the cards have to be the same. IE 8600+8600.

  5. Mactronix has a point. I thought he was talking about a newer card to replace his 8600gts.
  6. sorry I guess i didn't mention it. I am going for a SLI.
    And I thought that the 8000 series didn't need to be the same to make a SLI.
    Is it the ATI's that don't have to be the same to be doubled up ?

    If I have to replace my card, I'll go for a 9800.
  7. Yes ATI need same generation IE 4850 would go with a 4870 and i guess that includes the 4670 and 4650 now as well
    Nvidia needs the same card. There is one differance with Nvidia and im only including it for info as its not relevant to your situation, but the 8800 chips are G92 which includes quite a few cards and im not sure if its the card specifically or the chip that is the issue. Now if its the chip then 8800 owners have the 8800GTS /8800gs and the 9600GSO which is the same card as a 8800GS. Nvidia always did like to keep it simple :lol:
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