PCIE on MS-7184

I'm trying to install a tuner card (PCIEx1) in my emachines T6524. When I install the card (650 Theater Pro) and boot all I get are fast fans. The monitor isn't getting a video signal. When I remove the card the machine boots up fine.

I've heard that the power supply can sometimes be an issue but it doesn't seem like this card would take much power. I have a 350W power supply in it.

I checked the bios to make sure that the onboard video was selected. Any ideas? Is there a bios setting or update that will allow a non-graphics card in the pcie slot? Any other ideas?
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  1. Probably not, it is normal for the IGP to get disabled when any device is inserted into the native PEG (or AGP) slot up until about two years ago. With Intel chipsets, its an actual hardware limitation in the chipset, not a BIOS thing. It has only been in the past two years or so that chipsets have supported concurrent IGP + PEG operation (except for Intel chipsets, which continue to have this limitation).
  2. Any answer to this. I am getting the same problem on the ms-7194 however I am installing a graphic card instead of a tuner. The graphic card supports pcie v2.1 and the mb is v1.0a but I would hope the card is backwards compatible. This is the only explanation I can give for the behavior
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