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can a raid function with 2 different write speed harddrives?
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  1. Yes, but IIRC, the speed of the array will be based on the drive with the lowest speed.
  2. +1... I'd be a bit uneasy using two different drives... I just feel like they would be working independantly and something would get screwed up... no basis for my feeling that I have heard of but just not something I would do.
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    The RAID controllers support different sized drives and different speeds.

    I say go for it. Back up the stuff you cannot afford to lose but I have not lost anything in many years of playing with this. Not one rebuild ever.

    Raid controllers do only use the smallest sized drive but they write at the speed of each drive. If using a few smaller or older drives put 3 or 4 into a RAID 0 array and go have fun.
  4. Thanks for the responses, I'll give it a shot and see what happens ;)
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