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I solved the networking problem but I don't remember how it was done. I am using MagicJack on a Vista computer. Whenever I use either of my DVD drives MagicJack needs to be restarted. the drive letters for the two DVD dries are D and E. The drive letters for MagicJack are L and M. Does anyone have any ideas for a solution. I will continue to use MagicJack no matter what.

I was having problems with MagicJack on my homebuilt XP computer so I upgraded it to Vista. This computer won't recognize MagicJack when plugged into any USB port. I'm thinking maybe I need to reinstall my USB drivers again or maybe there isn't enough power on those USB ports. The USB ports are USB2 ports.
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  1. Having problems installing my magic jack on a laptop with Vista, in Trinidad. Have high speed i/net Can some one send mre the step by step instructions how to get it going, and whether you need a certain amount of memory, hard drive, etc
  2. Remove the USB extension cord and MagicJack will install automatically.
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