EVGA 780i - Flashing Blue LED

I have a bit of a concern about this motherboard.

First of all its working fine now, and working brilliantly I must add :D

But when I turn off the power supply (Via the switch on the back of the power supply) and then switch it back on again the blue power LED starts flashing and I cant boot up my computer at all, no movement whatsoever. As I said its working fine now coming from randomly switching the power supply on and off at different times, but Im affraid that if I switch it off again one day then it will start flashing again and I wont be able to boot up and have to go through the random process again. Does anyone know why this blue light flashes? Is it to do with the power supply maybe?

Here are my specs

550W Power Supply
Pentium D 2.8 GHz
SLI EVGA 8600GTS 256mb (In other words 2x EVGA 8600GTS)
2x 1GB Kingston RAM
speeze cpu fan (Not sure what model exactly, its quite old but does the job of keeping CPU cool)
IDE Hard Drive
SATA II hard drive
And 2 fans on the case

I appreciate any feedback.
Thanx :)
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  1. were talkin amd were talkin 9950 were talkin overclockin, to 3 gigahertz now! amd
  2. I'm encountering the same problem right now (except it's still flashing and my computer won't turn on). Has anyone figured anything out about this? I really need help with this as soon as possible!
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