Am I limited to DDR-2 or DDR-3

I've been speaking to a few different IT people and are getting different responses to a Graphics Card question.

My specs:

CPU Intel Quad Core P6600
MOBO - Intel DP35DP
OS - Windows XP SP3
Chipset: Intel P35 Express Chipset

I've been told that based on these components, I am limited to using DDR-2 or DDR-3 graphics cards and that my current configuration would be unable to process a DDR-5 or above.

Am I correct on this???


Jim Hall
Musical Dreams
Pittsfield, MA.
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  1. Thanks,

    is there a way to determine this without running the software on the computer. I restrict this computer only to the OS and software for the business.

    This system is restricted from the internet.

    nice application though
  2. dadiggle - I think you're misreading the OP; he's asking about graphics memory, not m/b memory.

    OP - I use a GTX460 graphics card with DDR5 memory on a P35 (Q8400 processor, but I can't think that makes a difference). This works just fine (in fact better than fine, it's a wonderful card) so I think you have been misinformed.
  3. Sorry if I was not clear with my original post.

    I am referring specifically to Graphics Card memory.

    Not MOBO memory
  4. Just make sure that your PSU is up to the job! Modern graphics cards require quite a lot of power.
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