Core i7 purchased at Retail store

Unfortunately, not me doing the purchasing. Just saw this on engadget, has a link to the original site where it was posted.

Click for where i found it on engadget.
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  1. Wow. Thats early. November 17th was supposed to be the release date and even then it would take a while to get them into a nice stock supply.


    Wait I found this site. It states release date is November 3rd:

  2. What I am still not getting is this. People think that because the CPU is limited to 1.65v (its not the memory is but has been shown to go higher) it wont OC as well.

    Considering that the 45nm Core 2s OC to 4GHz on air at less than 1.3v how the hell will they be limited?
  3. I think the i7 series is going to get a lot of flack, not because they are bad cpus but just because people are expecting the same kind of leap we had with c2d.
  4. actually jimmysmitty, it's not the 1,65V memory volt that limits the cpu OC potential. It's that 130W hardwired limitation in max current draw which limits it. Check it on the tom article.
  5. ^That still wouldn't explain the 4GHz OCed Core i7 920 that Coolaler has posted on his site. 4GHz deffinately breaks the 130w TDP.

    My thoughts aree THG didn't do it right because if Coolaler was able to THG should have been able to as well.

    It also doesn't make sense as all the current Core i7s have a 130w TDP set as the normal one. To OC they would have to allow a limit break over 130w.

    People think its only the i965XE that has the ability but the i965XE has a overvolt disabled not the Overspeed Protection disabled.
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