Imaging question....and a partitioning question

Two questions,...

1) Since I have an old 6-7 yr old system(P4 2ghz, 750mb ram) on XP Home SP3, with a 80gb drive(MB not LBA compliant) and the MB bios does not allow my boot drive to work with more than 137gb, I would like to take my empty 200gb d drive and partition it so that it would not be used for more that 135gb (anything more and data could be lost because of old bios)....then somehow image my old 80gb (full) boot drive to the new 135gb partitioned d drive. After that, I would like to make the new partitioned and imaged d drive become my new c boot drive. So first question is how can I partition the drive to only be 135gb and no more? (use disk management?) And...will this work?

2) 2nd it possible to image the old boot drive and copy that image to the newly partitioned drive? Is there open source software to do that? How do you do that?

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  1. Acronis True Image 2010 can clone your existing system drive (c:\) to your 200GB drive. After that you can adjust the partition size of your drive to whatever you like using ACRONIS Disk Director 2010.

    The only thing you need to do is install your new 200bg drive to your machine. Boot your machine using True-Image 2010 bootable disk. The partition clone function is part of the utilities option.

    Acronis true image and disk director have to be purchased. It has a trial version but i don't know the functionality coverage.

    There may be free from the open source but I'm not aware of it.
  2. Out of curiosity... is a new computer out of the question?

    All that work you are trying to do would make me think "F*** it, time for a new computer LOL"

    Just seems like your trying to do something that, though feasable, is just too much of a PITA.
  3. Just trying to keep it running for now. I've been out of work for 13 months and not in a position to retire it just yet. But yes....very much in need of a new system.

    I may just move some data over to the other drive for now....that is an option....and maybe the best right now.
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