Radeon 4870 Fan Speed Revs Up at Startup / Shutdown -- Normal???

My Radeon 4870's fan revs up to max speed for a few seconds when I'm starting up (just before I get my MB splash screen) and shutting down -- does this happen to anyone else? Wondering if it's normal or if there's some issue with mine perhaps. . .

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  1. it does that for me too, its normal
  2. my 4850 does the same thing. don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your card :)
  3. Mine does the same thing. Periodically it will also if it gets too hot.
  4. Thanks guys -- appreciate the confirmation that it's okay :)
  5. Its fine it does it at start up clear any dust that may have settled on the fan and at shutdown for the same reason and to boost the cooling of the chip before it cuts off and lets it self cool.

  6. Hi all.
    I have the same Graphic card(4870) and my graphic card revs up at shutdown.but the system doesn't shut down after minutes.
    and another thing that it always revs up after shutdown.is it normal?

    thank you.and excuse me for my English mistakes. :hello:
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