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i have a HP dv6 laptop with Win 7 64. a few days back, i decided to make separate drives for installing Win XP. i created a seperate partion using the disk management feature[Control panel -> administrator tools -> computer management -> Disk management]. but now, all the partitions show yellow color in the rectangular disk management boxes(it had to be blue). when i try installing the windows XP, i get a error message that the partition has to be active. the regular way to make partition as active where i right click the partition and select as active does not work as the option is not present. those who have faced this problem before, Please advice.

Note1 : the problem is that i cannot install the windows in any partition. the rest(copying data to and fro from the HDD) is working fine.

Note2: the laptop is also not booting off the HP recovrery partition as it is also shown as yellow in the disk management.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. it is a case of Dynamic disk. but now i cannot convert it back to basic disk. in the help file, it says i have to format my complete HDD to convert it to basic disk(would be a pity as i have not created a Hp recovery disk).

    is there any other way? please specify.
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