2nd psu?. WIll the atx psu's with the fan on top fit ?

I upgraded my psu to a 600w in my Dell Inspiron Desktop 531. Now I must upgrade again because the amps arent high enough. Most of the psu's that I see over 500 watts have a fan on top. The PSU that come in the I531 is set up with one fan as well as the power oulet on the back. The one I put in has the same setup as stock but has a 2nd fan on the opposite the location of the stock one. This set-up works fine. Can I put a PSU with a fan on top into the 531 or would that cause over heating because the fan would not have an exhaust hole and would blow hot directly at the top of the case? Does this type of ATX power supply even physically fit the 531 (dimensions)? Is there a way to designate between the two different types of fan setups, as they are all ATX? Should I cut a hole in the top of my case? (kinda kidding?)
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  1. The fan is the bottom of the psu.
  2. hAHA Im pretty smart. Thanks for the quick response. So any atx power supply should fit then correct?
  3. If it is this Ispiron:


    Then any almost any ATX PSU should be fine - the fan goes on the bottom and is designed to draw air from around the CPU and vent it out through the back of the case.

    Width and height will always be the same - you might want to check the depth if you choose some monster PSU to maintain clearance with your optical drives.
  4. Yes, with modern computers a standard ATX power supply will fit in an ATX case. The psu should be sucking in hot air from inside the case and exhausting it out the back.
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