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To say I'm not the most computer literate person, In respect to PC building, is a conservative understatement. I'm throwing one together on a website and I have a choice to make regarding the power supply. I'll post the components of the PC that I have so far, would anyone care to advise me on the proper amount of power needed?

CPU Processor :
Intel Core 2 Duo E7200, LGA 775, 2.53GHz, 64-Bit Dual-Core, 3MB Cache; 1066MHz
Cooling Fan :
Intel factory Auto-RPM Silent CPU Air Cool
System Board :
MSI nForce 750i SLI, 8GB DDR2 Max, SLI, RAID,1394, S/PDIF, eSATA, Audio, GbLAN. [ P7N SLI Platinum ]
RAM Memory :
4G (4x1GB) PC6400 DDR2/800
Geforce 9800GTX+: 512MB
Hard Drive 1 :
Optical Drive 1 :
20x Dual-Format/Dual-Layer DVDRW Driver
Sound Card :
High Definition 7.1 Digtial Surround Sound
Speakers :
2.0 Systems: aBX MM2. [ 669-8817 ]
Network :
Integrated onBoard 10/100/(1000) Port(s)

The list of options for power supplies from the site are as follows:

aBX, 550W Power Supply [ PSU ]. Model: BLACK-550 +$22.25
aBX, 650W Power Supply [ PSU ]. Model: BLACK-650 +$49.00
aBX, 750W Power Supply [ PSU ]. Model: BLACK-750 +$83.25
aBX, 850W Power Supply [ PSU ]. Model: BLACK-850 +$124.50
aBX, 1000W Power Supply [ PSU ]. Model: BLACK-1000 +$196.75
aBX, 1200W Power Supply [ PSU ]. Model: BLACK-1200 +$231.25
Antec EarthWatts, 650W Power Supply [ PSU ]. Model: EA650 +$78.50
Antec NeoPower, 650W Power Supply [ PSU ]. Model: NeoPower 650 Blue +$99.00
Antec NeoPower, 650W Power Supply [ PSU ]. Model: NeoPower 650 +$92.75
Antec True Power Trio, 650W Power Supply [ PSU ]. Model: TP3-650 +$88.50
Antec TruePower Quattro, 850W Power Supply [ PSU ]. Model: TPQ-850 +$158.00
Antec TruePower Quattro, 1000W Power Supply [ PSU ]. Model: TPQ-1000 +$202.25

I'm know I could go with the most expensive ones and definately be safe, but I'm on a pretty limited budget so I do have to be careful.

Thank you so much, in advance, for helping me out with this. It is greatly appreciated!
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  1. It's the POS PSU that takes out a system when it dies.
    Don't be cheap.
    I would buy a PCPower Silencer 610watt PSU.
    That's not on your list, so buy the one that is highest in the PSU tiers.
    Read this:
    Then go here:
    Personally I would ask for a PCPower PSU.
  2. PCPower and Cooling and Corsair always come out tops on Tom's. I use a Corsair HX520 and it runs my Q6600 @3.2 and HD4870 rock solid.
  3. Those guys didn't answer your question as presented. I will.

    I would choose an Antec, as I have had experience with an Antec Tru-Power. As in it worked reliably and it was quiet in operation and trouble free. I have never heard of the other brand, a red flag. Antec is not my first choice, Enermax is, but you do not have that as a choice, you have Antec.

    As your rig is configured, the cheapest Antec (Earthwatt) can run it well. The 9800GTX+ will be powered correctly by the 22A on the 12v rail of the EarthWatt 650W.

    The NeoPower would be an as good choice, but they are modular in design, you store the extra cables you aren't using (for devices you don't have yet) and plug them into the PSU and the device when ready. I use a modular PSU and I simply store the stuff in the box it came in.

    The NeoPower 650 is your best bang for the buck of the choices presented, is a reliable PSU, and well balanced for your CPU, MOBO and GPU choices and it is reasonably priced.
  4. I think your best choice is the Antec Neo Power blue. The price is good, it's built by seasonic and its modular. Also look at this link.
    The Neopower is more efficient. Oh yeah, I own this PSU and its great.
  5. I'm assuming you will want to add a second video card later (since you picked a SLI motherboard and an nVidia card). That would require 4 PCI-E connectors with 6 pins each.

    BTW, the Silencer 610W only has 2 such connectors.

    The Antec Earthwatts 650W has only one connector, it won't do at all.

    The Trio 650W and Neopower 650W have 2 connectors, so they will be fine if I guessed wrong and you only want one video card.

    The TPQ-850 has all the connectors you need for two video cards but it's expensive.

    I have no idea about aBX, never heard of them.

    Are those all the power supply options you get on that site?
  6. Actually I didn't want to add a second card. it is a default option on that site, and I meant to delete it when posting the specs here.

    And thank you so much for the help so far guys and gals. youve been great!

    yea those were the only options available to me from the site. it is
  7. All right, then I'm voting for the NeoPower 650 too :)
  8. The old Neopowers had poor capacitors and were terrible.

    However, in the office I have four (I think) running 24/7 powering various configs, they are very good now. Also the fan configuration and cable lengths are perfect for the Antec P182 case :)

    Even though they use smaller 80mm fans, they are still very quiet - highly recommended.
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