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Hey all

I have a 7600gt < agp > ... and i am battling 2 overclock it ... when i try even by a couple mhz ... it freezes or reverts back 2 standard ... ... could i get some advice on programs or methods 2 overclock this card ...

on a side note ... what are acceptable temps 4 a : lga775 processor < 3.0ghz single core >... and 7600GT

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Personally, I had awful experiences trying to OC AGP cards--so I stopped doing it. Nearly every AGP card I've used had inadequate cooling, at best. After burning out my Ti 4200 I called it quits on that aspect--after all, the performance gain is so minimal that it is actually seems worthless IMO.

    If you have aftermarket cooling on your card, I suppose it is worth a shot; however, I would use Rivatuner or eVGA precision (you can find plenty of neat tweaking utilities at and step your clock speed up SLOWLY! I would check the specs for any cards like yours that are factory overclocked (superclocked editions, black editions, + editions, etc) and try to run similar settings to their cards.

    As far as temps go, I wouldn't expect a single core to get much hotter than 65C unless you are really mashing on it. If you are seeing those temps (over 65C) I would recommend upgrading your cooling situation!
  2. Thanks 4 the advice ... I have aftermarket cooling on my gfx card due 2 my original fan giving in on the card ... ... I will try download both those programs ... Your advice is greatly appreciated ... thank you.
  3. Glad to be able to help (even if it wasn't much).

    Be sure to post back with your results, we *will* get you set up to your max potential!
  4. Hey dirtdiver,

    I have hit a snag ... the second I change my Memory clock EVGA Precision says that I must return the clock back 2 defualt settings ... ... Yet I can change my Core Clock easily by 40Mhz < which I know will not even be noticed in the games I play > ... ... Any reason behind this ?? ... Any advice u can add ??
  5. The older memory on the AGP cards were extremely limited, for one thing.

    Which program are you using to tune the memory with? Also, have you installed the latest nVidia drivers? (hit up for newest forceware releases for your device).

    Also, remember--when running DDR (double data rate) memory, your memory speed is twice what is listed. (e.g. memory of 450 is effectively 900mhz)

    FWIW you will see very very little performance gain from OC your card--most likely damage it. Stick with newest driver releases and OC your CPU if anything!

    Good luck
  6. If what u say is correct which I have no doubt it is ... ... 562 core clock and 550mhz Memory Clock < effectively 1100mhz according 2 u > ... ... is that a decent enough card as it stand or am I just kidding myself ??
  7. That sounds right on, newer cards (like my 9800GTX+) run a bit higher core clock but much faster memory. Mine is 738mhz core 2200mhz memory.

    Yours is fine the way it is, the biggest difference you could make with your machine would be to upgrade to say a 9500GT or so. Anything else would probably require quite a bit of power, and in an older machine wouldn't really be all that beneficial.

    If I were you, I would leave the card alone--and save a few bucks. TBH, I dont remember of the top of my head how late model you can go with AGP--but if you can upgrade, do it up!
  8. Every results mean ur gfx card is not gud for oc!So buy another one or use the same!
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