Need Advice on a new mobo for e8400....2 bad mobo's already


I know there have been hundreds of these posts but mine is a little different. Here is the story..

I purchased the GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P first, I was very disappointed with this board after having to set the cpu voltage and ram voltage to its proper settings but the board kept locking up at various times. I got sickened and returned the mobo.

I then ordered the Asus P5Q Pro and for some strange reason I had the same problem with the pre bios boot taking around 15seconds. I can not get past the full install of the OS because the board again has something wrong with it. I have my usb keyboard and mouse flash in and out from the USB ports in the back. I switched out RAM, starting with 1 gb for install then upping it to 4gb. I adjusted the voltages on the RAM which did not help either.

So fellas here is my hardware and I need a good stable faster mobo than what I have chosen. I would like to save some $ but this is going to be used for gaming 90% of the time. I did have the ABIT IP35 Pro mobo before it died on me and I absolutely loved that motherboard. I am open to any make and model I just hate MSI. Here is the hardware I have:

CPU: intel c2d 8400 3.0ghz 1333mhz
RAM: Corsair CM2X1024-6400C4 1gbx4
CPU: BFG Nvidia 8800GT 512
Hard Drive: Samsung 320GB parallel 7200rpm sata
Power Supply: 750w Thermaltake
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  1. You replaced a failed motherboard with two more and you still have issues. I'm not sure that another motherboard like the Asus P5Q Deluxe would necessarily work better. Are you absolutely sure your PSU is good?
  2. What OS are you using?

    If its XP, I hope you are using sata drivers for you HDD, by pressing F6.

    If its Vista you dont need the drivers.

    Run memtest86 for 8 hours +
  3. ^+1.

    @OP: Are you OCing through BIOS?
  4. 3 boards in a row? I concur with everyone else. Stop returning motherboards and start looking elsewhere. Memory, harddrive and PSU are all the usual suspects here.
  5. I would take a good look at the rest of your hardware. Try loading up memtest via cd and running it. I would also consider making an ubuntu live cd and see if you can get that running. Although not impossible, it is likely that both motherboards, which in my opinion are great boards, are not bad.
    Since your abit board croacked, there is a possibility that something else went with it, or it was the original problem to begin with.
  6. I tested the PSU and it worked fine on another machine, i then tried another set of RAM and the issues continued. The only things I have adjusted on Gigabyte board was the fsb since it was reading the cpu as 2.86 instead of its 3GHz, and the Ram voltage because it was set to 1.8v when rams voltage was 2.1 and either way the problem still continued. The asus board I have turned off Express Gate and changed the boot order. I am tried installing XP but used F6 but I will try that later tonight to see if this does update.
  7. Well pressing F6 dont do any good unless you have the sata drivers on a floppy or a usb drive ready to go.
  8. ^ Correct. You will need to have the drivers. If using USB drive make sure you format it in FAT32 not NTFS.
  9. Thanks for the advice, I will try that tonight. I never had to do that before but there is always a first time for everything.
  10. Regarding P5Qpro, what exactly do you mean by saying "I can not get past the full install of the OS because the board again has something wrong with it."? When does the problem occur and what exactly happens?
  11. Sorry, I have been slammed with work and haven't had much time to attempt anything suggested yet. But my first time trying to install XP it would get to the setup and I the partitioning of one of the drives for XP it installed and after the reboot it would not come up or display anything. The graphics card I have was workingfine in my other build and I have swapped around RAM. So I shut off the pc for about 15 seconds and start it back up. It takes around 20-25seconds for it to boot to bios and it actually display the boot process on the screen. Sometimes it does not even do that and will run for 3 minutes without any bios booting up. I am thinking of buying another video card to test out and see if it could be the video card going bad even after only being a year old.
  12. Dont buy the video card just yet. Are you sure your cpu or motherboard is not smeared with thermal paste or something?
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