Need Help overclocking E6600 with PW5 DH Deluxe motherboard


I am trying to Overclock my system and it seems that the issue I have is that I can't set the Vcore within the Bios on my Asus PW5 DH Deluxe motherboard.

The option in the Bios is set to Auto and no matter what I do to change it, it still does not allow me to change it from Auto to setting the voltage manually.

If you have this board, is there anything specific I need to do to get this to work? Right now my system is Overlocked from 2.4 ghz to 2.43. Can't go any further without crashing and I believe the VCore is the problem.

Just replaced the Memory with R.Skill DDR2 memory with voltage that can be set as high as 2.1.

Any advice would greatly help.
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  1. Just to add one more note.

    I have done extensive research and read quite a lot of guides including the Newbie guide which is why I upgraded some of the components in my system and which is why I figure the problem that I am facing is with the actual CPU voltage as I have tried everything else.

    If anyone else thinks the problem could lie somewhere else, feel free to let me know.

    I am just stumped as to why the board won't let me set the voltage manually. It does say to disable C1E and EIST which I do, yet I still can't adjust the voltage from the Auto default.
  2. upgrade the bios
    in the asus bios there is built in oc setting try 10% first
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