please help me, what is wrong with my 8800 GT ? :(

these are my specs:

amd 5000+ oc'ed at 3.1 GHz
XFX 8200 motherboard
PNY 8800 GT
600 W power supply

this is my 3dmark06 score check out my graphics score !!!!! its so low, half of what is should be? what is the problem with my video card? please help

here is the 3dmark06 report thing
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  1. Why do you think you need to make a 2nd post.

    Your first post hit right on the spot. Your card is probably running 1x instead of 16x. Check with CPU-Z or GPU-z. If it is you will need to lower your overclock or raise the PCI-E buss speed over 100, like maybe 115. You coupd ruin your card doing so. Thats your only 2 options if it is running 1x, which I'm sure it is.
  2. Not a 3dmark expert but is your cpu or gpu cool enough? It may be throttling. Get HWMonitor and play a game to see the max temps. Update drivers too @ and check if any unnecessary background apps are running and close them
  3. im sorry about the double post, im just really nervous because this is my first build.....i don't understand what you mean by 1x instead of 16x , i have GPU-z and cpu-z where do i look?
  4. sorry here is the print screen of my GPU-z
  5. By 1x he meant the speed of the pci express port. But yours is running at 16x which is correct and i see nothing out of the ordinary too
  6. so what can i do? :(
  7. Ya, looks like it is running 16x, so make sure the power is plugged into the card, if it is, check the AMPS on the +12V rail of you PSU. MAke sure you have enough +12v amps to run the card.

    If its plugged in and you got enough amps, and your PSU isn't a generic piece o crap, your card is probably defective. My bet is the PSU is weak/ or not plugged into the card.
  8. Looks good to me.
    Link me your mobo.
  9. Did you plug the 6pin pcie power adapter into the card? The psu is strong enough. Try running the card in a friend's pc, if scores still suck return it
  10. Ima look at mobo but in mean time double check power connection to your card.
  11. yes it is in tightly
  12. OK cool.

    You have onboard Video as well.

    Ok, First make sure your plugged into your 8800 and not your mobo VGA/DVI.
    I've seen it happen lol.

    2nd disable onboard in bios.
    Download Driver cleaner and delete the drivers in safemode.
    Reboot and install drivers for 8800GT.

    I am sure your on board is conflicting with your 8800GT.
  13. When you installed mobo CD you installed onboard video drivers, now you got to get rid of them, because they are causing issues.
  14. how do i go about doing that? where do i go?
  15. Bios: To disable onboard

    Google: for Drive Cleaner

    F8 during startup for safe mode.

    You can try device manager instead to delete the mobo onboard video driver but its not as thourough as Driver Cleaner.

    Delete anything Nvidia related in add and remove programs.

    Are you over 18 and in the US?
  16. why last question?
  17. Well if you are I could call you and help you out. If not then no.
  18. lol i live in toronto, canada............btw thats really nice of you,,i don't think you want to do long distance :) i'm 16 yr old
  19. i have msn?
  20. roadrunner197069 said:
    Bios: To disable onboard

    Are you over 18 and in the US?

    Yea, Im sure that hes in the US, hence why he linked everything from TD Canada...
  21. in add/remove it asks if i want to remove the display drivers as well?? yes or no?
  22. Well I got free calling to Canada.

    Good Eye B-unit

    I use for my phone service.

    Free USA and Canada unlimited.
  23. Yes. Those are the ones you want to delete.
  24. I was gonna download and read your manual from XFX but they make it to complicated.
  25. ok so after i remove nVidia drivers what to do?
  26. Restart machine.

    Pay attention to see if windows finds your onboard and loads them again, if so you need to go into the bios and disable your onboard graphics, and delete drivers again, then you can load 8800gt drivers and all is well.
  27. Do you have XP or Vista?
  28. i have xp, so i restarted but its kind of wierd now, like when i scroll this page theres waves , what should i do now?
  29. i can work normally though
  30. Ok. I think your golden.

    Thats a common generic VGA driver issue.

    Now download the latest Driver for 8800GT and install it. Then try 3dmark again.
  31. Ima feed my kid while you do that, and then I'll check back for results.
  32. oh man i still got the same score,,,, F*** my life
  33. what can i do now?
  34. Well do you got the monitor plugged in to the 8800GT or to the onboard?

    Read your motherboard manual and see what it says about adding a card and how to disable the onboard video.

    The site said that mobo has Hybrid SLI, so maybe you have to enable that somehow. I would read your manual and then read it again. Then you will know what to do. I think somehow its running on the onboard video right now.

    You need to enable the hybrid SLI, or disable onboard video all together. Either way its probably a setting in the bios.
  35. its plugged in the 8800GT
  36. Is there a option in Nvidia control panel to enable SLI.

    I found your manual ima give it a quick glance.
  37. no there isn't
  38. Well the manual I found doesn,t work. Your gonna have to figure out the bios and disable it in there. When you start the computer it should tell you what key to hit to enter setup/ "bios" Find the graphics options and list them here.

    If nothing else RMA that crappy mobo and get a p35 or p45. Nvidia boards suck!!!!!!!!!
  39. so u only think that its the mobo nothing else?
  40. Its a problem with the onboard video messing with the graphic card. There will be a option somewhere to enable hybrid sli or disable the onboard all together. If you cant/ dont want to find it get a new mobo without onboard video.

    You could try the 8800gt in a friends PC but I dont think the card is the problem.
  41. i found the hybrid sli option in the BIOS and i put it to disable and also want to know which PCI is first? internal VGA , PCI VGA, or PCI-E VGA ?
  42. PCI-E VGA
  43. i can't return it since i filed the rebate, but i would like to find that option ur talking about, I already found the hybrid SLI in the BIOS
  44. Well disabling SLI and setting to PCI-E VGA might be the option.

    If its set to the other 2 options it will boot to the onboard video and not you 8800gt.
  45. Try it on PCI-E VGA and run 3dmark and let me know. Leave hybrid SLI disabled as well.

    If it runs you might be able to enable sli again but keep the options PCI-E VGA
  46. when i was testing them out i accidentaly chose PCI VGA and now i can't enter BIOS, it just shows a black screen at startu and then after 2 min windows loads? how can i enter the BIOS again?
  47. Reset the CMOS
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