Multi-core support after installing with Standard PC

I'm trying to install 32-bit Windows XP SP2 on a dual-core laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1501 with an AMD Turion 64 X2.

For some reason, using every HAL *except* Standard PC, the laptop spuriously powers off during the install process (probably during device detection). I've tried everything in BIOS to fix this issue to no avail, and the setup log files didn't help at all, so I'm forced to choose "Standard PC." The BIOS does have a diagnostics check, but it ran without indicating any problems.

Now that Windows is installed successfully, the task manager only shows one core due to my HAL choice, and I'm unable to change my HAL through Device Manager. Is there any way I can regain multi-core support? I'm willing to reinstall Windows again, if there's something else I could have done during installation.
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  1. When do you select the HAL type during setup? Does it stop and ask you to? Any way you can find a SP3 slipstreamed disk, or make one yourself?

    Have you tried to update the BIOS?
  2. Right after booting the CD, when setup prompts "Press F6 to install drivers", you can press F5 instead to select a HAL. I wouldn't have done it if setup hadn't been failing, but it was the only way forward.

    There is a BIOS update, but the date matches the date in ROM reported by CPU-Z, so it looks like I'm already up-to-date.

    I'll get a hold of an SP3 disk and see if that helps, and report back.
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