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Hi there,

Newbee on this forum so be gentle :-)

At the moment I have a Windows pc running XP with 2 IDE WS disks which are used for saving our company photographs. Server attached using cable to our iMAC which is used for photo-editting etc. Disks are running out of space so need a new config.

The windows pc (Asus Mobo with onboard but absolute unreliable SATA) has 4 GB and will only be used for fileserving the images, no other media-streaming stuff etc. New disks propably 2x 2TB WD disks (WD20EARS) but looking for a SATA controller and I can't seem to make up my mind ...

In the past we used to connect 1 disk to the 1st IDE controller and the other disk to the second IDE controller for permormance reasons.
Might be a complete stupid idea but performance-wise, is it a (good) idea to buy 2 SATA controllers and do as described above or will the performance diffs not be noticed?

RAID setup will be RAID-1 (speed is of less-importance then reliability) and I don't mind it is a software RAID solution. Any suggestions for a good SATA controller (say max 150 Dollar)?

Not yet sure on the OS, been into Linux land for the past 10 years but no RAID experience. User-rights etc not really important and server only accessible on our internal LAN. If Linux then propably Debian of maybe FreeNAS.

Anybody willing to shoot some holes in these ideas ?


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  1. Well the only "hole" I see is your use of IDE. Go with a SATA setup for convenience and speed!
  2. Thanks but I think I did not explain it correctly.

    Now I use 2 IDE WD disks (500GB), new solution will be SATA 2TB disks.
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